Saturday, March 07, 2009

Creature Comforts

Who says you can't have it all and live on a boat? We have not one, but two bath tubs (big enough for Z, not for grown ups though). We have high speed internet. We could have cable TV if we wanted to (we don't have a TV by choice). We have heating and air conditioning. And thanks to the creative gift giving of my old friend B we have a fireplace!

Yes, now you know what to get for that hard to shop for boat dweller in your life. Just pop in a DVD, hit play, and VOILA! Comes complete with the ambient sound of a real crackling fireplace and you can even set it to "Holiday Music" mode. The actual heat giving of course is not included, but you can leave this one unattended all night and not worry.

We're thinking we should make a DVD of the view from the boat at anchor during sunset somewhere pretty and sell that for $14.99 a pop to house dwellers!

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