Sunday, March 08, 2009

Winter Weaving

I am completely craft impaired and I have a child who LOVES crafting. Luckily we are at the stage where my skills just about equal his and I can set him up with little projects. This week, he wanted to weave.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard from the recycling bin, ran some strings down it, and voila -- a loom. I was wondering if he would "get" the concept of over-under-over-under at age 4, but as usual, I underestimated and he not only got it... but he was tying off his own knots and switching yarn mid way.

He told me this is a rug/blanket for his gnomes.

(His comment to me for this photo -- "Mama you can take a picture of me with my gnome rug and I will make a face like a stupid commercial.")

1 comment:

Kim C in NC said...

I am ROFL at his comment about "making a face like a stupid commercial" That is HILARIOUS!

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