Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gratuitous Beach Trip

It seems like every American family does some sort of beach pilgrimage in the month of July. So we got on the interstate and made our way to my personal Mecca, Lake Michigan. Our family has had a cabin on the lake since I was 9 years old and I have many, MANY, many memories of growing up and coming of age there. Lots of firsts. Lots of fun. Lots of family and friends and blue water. It was a trip watching my own little boy and niece and nephew experience the same wonders of this little slice of Midwest paradise that I did as a kid.

~log surfing~

~finding pirate treasure~

~burying yourself in sand~

~quality hammock time (even though the tree collapsed and nearly squashed my boy's skull) ~

~family wave jumping~



Joy said...

It looks like your family had a fabulous time! I've never been to the Michigan lakes, but it looks beautiful there. I like the popcorn dinner. :)

boatbaby said...

Popcorn, roasted marshmallows, and wine that is!

Ellenjohnrubicon said...

popcorn for dinner makes me think of soulemama. what a great meal.

Cam said...

That is what the best childhood memories are made of.

In our family, it was a yearly camping trip to the mountains. Those memories still bring a smile to my face!

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