Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog Days

No wind. Steamy hot. Z doesn't mind because it means he can perch in the (now officially falling apart and desperately needing replacement) stack pack underway.

Our new tramp netting gets a field test with four big Romanians and jumping boy. No other boats out in the still except the cargo ships.

And one ghost ship. Zach decides it's a pirate ghost (of course) as it silently glides towards the horizon.

Our search for a puff of wind ends as the sun lowers on the horizon. Engines get a work out. Crew getting sleepy. Boat seems to be tugging back towards her slip, ready for rest.

Mama finds an empty expanse of deck space and gives in to gravity. This is my view for the journey back.

Staring up and out and dreaming of autumn winds.


Masasa said...

It WAS a scorcher today for sure. Yikes.

I especially liked the picture of the pirate ghost ship.

Taylor M. said...

Who are the Romanians? are you one of them?

My fiancee and I are in the process of buying a boat and moving aboard and read your blog at least a couple days a week for inspiration. She just moved to the US from Romania a little over a year ago and we are actually going back for a year next august. (year from now)

Deb said...

I've awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award, even though I had to close my eyes when typing it that way. But that's how it's spelled, so that's how I typed it. I'm conscientious that way. Details on my blog.

gardenmama said...

Wishing you a cool breeze...
I like the black and white photos!

boatbaby said...

Taylor M. -- we're not Romanian (Peruvian and Chilean actually) but we have a tribe of dear friends from Romania and they had family visiting from the mother land, so we took them all out for a spin.
Best of luck to you in your boat move! Hope to see you "out there".

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