Friday, August 07, 2009

Welcome Aboard - The Master Cabin

The master cabin, the main berth, the family bed, whatever you call it here it is. This room sits forward of the book nook on the starboard side.

Now keep in mind with ALL of these "Welcome Aboard" photos (galley, book nook, swabbie's room, salon) that while I don't exactly have a wide angle lens, having come from the tv biz (esp. my many years at HGTV) I know how to light and angle photos to optimize the look of a space.

Our bed is slightly smaller than a standard queen size. And all three of us have slept there together since Zach was born. (There was one night he decided to strike out on his own, but it ended up being just one night). It works well because the bed is walled in on 3 sides so we can optimize every inch of bed without falling off. (if you look at the foot of the bed in the above photo you'll see my sweet little quilt made from Zach's baby clothes! A mama from MDC made it and I just LOVE it!)

When Zach was little we netted in the foot of the bed so we could sleep soundly without worrying about him crawling off the end in the middle of the night. And when he was a wee baby we used a cubby adjacent to the bed as a baby berth. I was typical new mama nervous about co-sleeping when he was a newborn, and this was a perfect way in the first week or two to help me get comfortable with having him next to me while learning that I would NOT squish my own baby. We now use that cubby (with the door back on it) for dirty laundry and Zach thinks it's hilarious he slept in there when he was a week old.

Off the foot of our bed is a bench with some storage underneath it where we keep mostly office supplies. And this photo of the bench is in "reality mode" -- piled with this and that. The nice thing about having a small space is that it cleans up just as fast as it gets messy.

The outer wall of the room are my closets, which in reality mode look like this with the doors open. (they sit just to the right of the dirty gym shoes from the above photo)

(These two pics were taken in winter, so you also see our extra heater!)

If I was a person who actually folded and sorted my clothes, we could probably fit a lot more in these closets (which sailors call lockers). I keep all of my stuff on this side and my husband has his clothes and stuff on the port side in the guest room.

And you can barely see the "head" (bathroom for you landlubbers) adjacent to the left above. But that's for another day.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a comfortable, cozy master suite! I like these "Welcome Aboard" posts.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

I used one of those co-sleeper thingies too until I got comfortable sleep-sharing with Lucy.

Also? I love that quilt idea and am SO stealing it!

Joy said...

I'm loving this series. It's so fascinating to see how you live on the boat. :) The family bed looks so cozy tucked in there!

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Looks so tidy in that first shot. I wouldn't dare photogragh ours:)

gardenmama said...

I love that you co-sleep and I am happy to see your little quilt there : ) Your home looks cozy and sweet!

Helen said...

Wonderful! What a blessing it is to have such limited storage space -- I bet it encourages you to continue to live in the moment. Love the book nook!

Earth Mama said...

My girls and I are enjoying having a peek around your boat. They think it is hilarious that the baby is in the wall. Extremely functional!


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