Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's one thing to follow along with lovely blogs here and there. And another thing to leave comments and perhaps start a dialog. But it's another thing entirely to meet somebody from the blogosphere in person... or IRL (in real life).

I happen to figure out by powers of deduction (and the feedjit gadget thingy on the sidebar) that somebody was visiting the blog each day from the wee little town my inlaws live in. I truly thought at first that it was my inlaws, seeing as they are 1/3 of the whole reason we started this little digital scrapbook, and because, well, who else living out there that would know about this blog? But it wasn't.

It was sweet Joy over at You Know How We're An Art Family. We started emailing back and forth and she was lovely enough to share things to do in her neck of the woods for the next time we're over at the inlaws.

So this weekend we decided to meet at a little park in the little town and chat in person while the kids played.

And oh did they ever play. I can't tell you how crazy sweet her kiddos are. The older ones were so welcoming, bringing Zach right in to the fold of their exploring a local creek. Within minutes they were all spotting crawdads and building rock dams like old friends. And like true Waldorf kids, somebody yells "gnome home" and they all go a running.

It totally cemented my theory that having a village of like minded people would just rock. And even though Joy told us about all the fun things to do in her area that we never knew about, I know more than anything we'll want to hang out with them again.

Upon leaving, Zach grabbed my hand and said, "Mom I really liked those kids, they were so nice!"


Stuff On My Blog said...

oh having like minded folks to hang out with really DOES rock! It looks like it was a perfect day :)

wholarmor said...

How fun! If you are ever in the Seattle area, let me know! My kiddos always like to meet new friends!

Joy said...

:) I love how you can't see any of their faces in either of our blogs. They were so...busy, weren't they? Thanks again for the lovely visit! We'll definitely do it again! :)

Kimberly said...

Looks like you found a lot of fun and play this weekend. What a great time. The color in your posts are so gorgeous this week; we are going to have to pull them up to enjoy this winter to inspire us to infuse some color into the gray.

Little Lovables said...

how fun to meet irl friends!

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