Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About that bath tub...

I got a few comments and emails after last week's "moment" wondering how on earth we have a bath tub on board the boat.

Well, we're very lucky. And it's very ridiculous as far as sailboats go. D and I like to joke that when we were shopping for this boat when I was 8 months pregnant with Zach, his selling point was that a sister boat to this one (also a St. Francis 44) won the Cape to Rio race (Cape Town, South Africa to Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil). And my selling point was the tub. It wasn't as cut and dry as all that, but both points certainly helped.

The tub is clearly for shoreside/ dockside use only. It would be an OBSCENE waste of water to use it underway or at anchor. And even at that, we use it only once in a blue moon (usually we all use the marina shower or do a fast on board shower). And further more... we only fill it up about a quarter full of water.

Zach got out the tape measure today and figured out that the tub is 35 inches long by 22 inches wide by 14 inches deep. That's pretty darn small.

When he was 2 years old, it was the perfect size not just for him, but for a buddy as well.(Z and his sweet buddy Jett with room to spare, age 2)

Even at age 3 we could get 2 kiddos in there.
(one afternoon my dear friend JL and I left the kids unattended down in the bedroom and after a suspicious 10 minutes of silence we found this scene. age 3 and they figured out how to draw the bath and help themselves.)

(getting cramped but still doable for two.)

Slowly by age 4 it became a one child bath tub, but still ample for a little guy.

(you can see the "dolphin hatch" that sits next to the tub here. this is the one from the "moment" last week.)

And this week, as he adjusted and shifted and made merry with his bubbles, he declared, "Mommy, this tub is getting too small for me." To which I retorted, "Perhaps it's you who are getting too big my dear."

(this shows the proximity of sink to head {toilet} to tub. spacious by boat standards, small by normal standards)

When he was a wee baby, we bathed him in the galley sink...
(Zach 6 days old)
 And we'll probably do the same for the new baby in the beginning. Once they are both bath tub age we won't have to worry too much... because we actually have TWO bath tubs. One in each hull.

(this is the head {bathroom} on the other side in the port hull, or what we call the guest room for now. same layout in reverse. Zach is standing on the edge of the tub opening the door to the bow sail locker.)

Yes, it's a crazy waste of space, but they're there just the same. Once we take off and leave the the luxury of dock side water behind, our loose plan is to turn one of them into some kind of storage. But for now, bubbles for everyone!!


BoatMama said...

You and the Pardeys got your bathtubs aboard. All we have is our newly purchased folding baby bath tub.

Joy said...

Those pics are so cute! and that is a very tiny tub! :)

Seven C's said...

The progression as Zach grows is so similar to our family:
We of course started them all in our kitchen sink. As they grew they migrated to the bathtub. Of course, in a house, the bathtub is a bit bigger, but the same idea. For a while we would have baths with all five kids in the tub. As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer kids in the tub for a bath. We are usually down to three at a time, but sometimes four which is a bit crowded for them. Hmmm, what will it be like when we have a tub that is the same size as yours? :)

Jenny said...

We've looked at sailboats with bathtubs in them. Usually, I don't end up seeing anything else once I see that tub...the boat could be sinking and I might not notice.

But you make a good point here - what a waste of water! I currently shower with about 1/3 of a gallon of water (if that?) and that would barely even come over the drain of a tub, even a tiny boat tub!

I used to love taking baths when we lived on land, but I was a very sickly person back then. Since we've moved aboard, I've only been very ill once, and I probably couldn't have gotten myself out of a tub at that point anyway.

Pomegranategrl said...

This post made me smile. Thank you. :)

Deb said...

J., my 5-yr-old saw these photos and was fascinated about boat life, so I showed him a lot of your photos. He said, "I bet Zach is sad that there's not enough room to kick and splash in that bathtub." I said, "It looks like he's having fun," and he agreed. Then he wanted to know if, since you LIVE on a boat now, if you will be buried in the water next to the boat when you DIE.

He's a strange child. That's probably my fault.

The Homesteading Apartment said...

So fun!! I loved reading the bathtub escapades (: So glad I came across your blog...lovely reading (:

Anonymous said...

oh sweetness! I can't live without my baths- showers I am not so keen on, but oh my the baths- I say suds it up!! I am still working on hubby to get a clawfoot tub- that might be a bit big for a boat though! Thanks for sharing the great pics!!

mary said...

so NOT a crazy waste of space! totally awesome and hours of fun and good relaxation... bathtubs are very homey and this one is so sweet!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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