Thursday, April 01, 2010

Scrubbing Spring

Child labor laws be damned. This is what children are for. That's right swabbie, if you ever want to climb the ranks to mate, you better show me you can swab the decks. I want to see my face shining in that gelcoat.

Seriously, Zach looks forward to this spring ritual as much as I do. The marina FINALLY turns the dockside water back on for the season, the sun is FINALLY shining, and we get to scrub months and months worth of goo and grime and guck from the cockpit.

(Seriously, how GROSS is that? This is what lies beneath our raised plastic paneling that normally covers the cockpit floor. I tore that out to reveal this scene. Then I power washed the floor panels while the swabbie worked on this mess.)
The cockpit sees the most action on the boat. It's not just our front door, it's our porch. It's where dirty shoes are left. It's where various critters swoop in and nose around. It's where half finished projects sometimes go to die. It gets dirty. But ever since Zach was a little guy, we've made the job of the first cleaning of the season fun by turning it into a water fight/ bubble bath/ boy gets the hose free for all.

(Zach and best buddy Miss T helping to clean the cockpit, age 3)
(Same ritual, age 4)
(be careful people, he's got a hose and he knows how to use it)

Zach proved himself most useful this year, crawling into the tight spaces my already expanding belly wouldn't allow me to reach. It's amzing how genuinely useful he can be at just age 5. It's not just busy work, he's really helping.
All I have to do is grab the hose and the brush, and he's suddenly dying to lend a hand. I love that he's still at an age where a hose is all he needs for fun. Today I kept imagining a teenage version of Z, moaning and rolling eyes and asking for payment for a chore like this. I figure I would show him these photos and remind him how much fun swabbing the decks can be.  And if he doesn't believe me and skulks off like a teenager, then I'll hand the hose to his little sister/ brother to be and start all over again.


Kristine said...

I can understand why he participates.
It looks nice;)

Claes said...
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mare said...

is it bath season again? ;-) enjoy, happy spring from mare in sag harbor, ny

Mike said...

Would Zach like to come visit us for a day or two? We could use a hand scrubbing!



Seven C's said...

I still look forward to cleaning all of the gunk off the boat from the winter. Not sure where to start though - inside or outside!
So great that Zach is such a great helper :)

kreativberg said...

Good job for children ;) - water and a brush, what else does a child need to play (at least my daughter is really happy playing with water... a life on a boat would be perfect for her)!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

You made me laugh sooo hard with that first paragraph. Thank you for that!! I have a feeling you won't need these pictures when he's a teenager, he'll still want to help you any way he can <3

Joy said...

Love that last shot! He looks like such a big helper. I will say that the helpfulness comes and goes around here, already. The pictures of him cleaning at various ages is so cute. Sigh. They really grow up fast, don't they?

River Sanctuary: Marykaye said...

Love the pics, especially the most recent one. What a wonderful way to grow up! So happy he has the opportunity to become aware of how important and helpful he is and to learn so many neat things. (Wish more kids had that!!).

5orangepotatoes said...

You are cracking me up with the "child labor laws be damned!" I hear ya sister!!!!

By the way....A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to that new little life in your belly! I'm so happy for you and have been trying to leave you comments since I found out. Blogger is being a bully lately when I leave comments, it says they were published but nada shows up!


boatbaby said...

mare - yes, bath season!! And we have never smelled so good ;)

Mike - I'll send him right over. Hopefully you guys will come through the Chesapeake on your way south!

7cs - I always do inside first. I can't function if the inside is in chaos. The outside is easier to ignore.

kreativeberg - yes i think water play is universal fun for kids.

Nicole - I sure hope so.

Joy - yes, growing too fast indeed!

marykaye - aww thanks! More and more he truly is an imporatnt part of keeping things going around here. esp as I become more and more pregnant :)

Lisa - thank you so much! isn't funy how a computer glitch can take ya down?

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