Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cafe Life

Spring is exciting for so many reasons in our little slice of watery neighborhood. The water taxis are running, Zach gets to have baths any time he wants to, and our favorite marina cafe is open for the season.
(Zach and Daddy catch up on local news.)

The Wet Dog is a local-yokel hang out if there ever was one. You'd have to know it's there, tucked in to a neighboring marina among the travel lifts and busy boat yard. But they have NO problem staying busy.
(Zach and "the fellas" playing a game while waiting for their food. I swear, they remind me of a group of 80-something year old men at a deli.)

It's the sort of place that welcomes dogs with a bowl of water and often sees people come in wearing pajamas, paint stained clothes, or swim suits.
(Zach's 'tween buddy M arrives in pajamas for puzzles and breakfast)

Zach has been frequenting this place since he was in utero, and loves it when the ladies all sing out greetings as we walks in the door. He's even figured out how to go ask for sweets and "put in on our accont".
(Sailors from all over the world come and put a pin on the map to show where they're from.)

I love having a place like this just a short walk (or paddle) away. It's part of why marina life is so appealing to me as the stay-at-home parent. Whenever I need some spontaneous company or an adult conversation, I just have to take a few steps, and a community is there, at the ready.


Joy said...

That's awesome that you have such a community right nearby! I'm happy they are open for the season now. :) Enjoy your time at the cafe'!

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

It's all spiffied up in there!! Wow. Is it in a new building or something? It looks way bigger:)

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

"80-something year old men at the deli"... there goes my coffee all over the computer screen! :p Too funny!!!

Lily Boot said...

as terrified as I am of sailing, you almost make life aboard a yacht sound appealing ;-) I had exactly the same thought about the trio of boys as you - it could have checkers and they should have had those tweed caps and braces. I love the sense of community - it's a shame suburbs aren't more like that these days.

Dawn said...

I came over from Joy's blog...so nice to "meet" you. :) I love places like this coffee shop you wrote about. Everyone needs a place like this to hang out!

BoatMama said...

Wow! I dream of a place like this at our marina. As I walk through our parking lot and boat yard with a variety of boating businesses, I sometimes have visions of a little place where I could get coffee. The taco truck that comes by at 10am does not really meet my needs.

Cat said...

sooo coool! I want to hang out in there! Thanks for sharing.

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