Monday, September 20, 2010

september at the beach

For us, September is the perfect time of year to hit the beach.
The crowds are gone, the weather is sunny and warm without being humid and oppressive, the jellyfish have headed south again, and the water is warm enough for the littles to strip down and dive in.

The bugs are few. The sand is soft and warm.

And it's the perfect place to just sit and soak up the scenery and be in the moment.


TulsiLeaf said...

I love the beach, the eastern side of the countries beach. There is something about the ocean that just draws you in.

Great pics!

Joy said...

Might as well be at the beach since fall seems to have stalled around here. It irritates me when the weather doesn't get the message that we should at least be in the 75-80 degree range for equinox. ;)

Anonymous said...

Been away whilst work sends me everywhere and just spent some time catching up with little Zach.

Good work, he is such an adventurer! I hope my Tia develops an explorer/adventurer/pirate/creative side like Zach has :)

Keep up the good work

gardenmama said...

beautiful cindy!
spring and fall are our favorite times to hit the beach too : ) xo

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