Thursday, September 09, 2010

enough with the shells already

Ok so we have too many shells. And we started getting crazy with the hot glue gun before. And now yet again we're trying to create some sort of magic with hot gooey plastic and seashells.
Rather than ramble on, let me show you.
(viking ship)



(ship on its maiden voyage)

All it takes it kid imagination and grown up glue gun prowess. Oh, and a lot of shells.


Joy said...

Ha! Those are SO cute! He could have quite the sea fairy furniture production line. :)

House Mother said...

Maybe it's time make shell fairy houses under water...tired pregnant mama code for dumping them overboard. Sometimes the fairies gather things up in the middle of the night around here too. It's magical.

I'm currently on an anti-stuff tirade.

Heather said...

Those are so incredibly sweet. What a wonderful way use all of your beautiufl shells

eringoodman said...

just magical. i LOVE it!!!

thinking of you and sending lots of love...



Anonymous said...

each picture brought a huge smile to my face! Shells are quite magical to us land lubers! The boys occasionally find them near a lake and are in awe!

boatbaby said...

House Mother - trust me, I am contemplating that ;)

mamaroots - ya want some...? seriously, let me know :)

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