Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween fiesta

There is nothing more fun than Halloween. Period. The dress up. The sweets. The scary stories by candle light. The crisp autumn air. It's intoxicating in all kinds of ways. We LOVE to throw Halloween shindigs for the kiddos each year. Last year we didn't do anything because Naia had JUST been born. So this year Zach invited his buddies and we had a cold but festive time.
(banging wall to scare away the ghosts!)

(the spider's nest!)

 (make a mummy craft)

(inside the broomstick goody bags: a CD of spooky stories and Halloween music, a small white pumpkin, and  a jar of homemade slime.) 

There were pirates and ninjas, cowboys and Indians, and even a praying mantis. Zach decided to be a World War I aviator. No mama, not Charles Lindbergh. And I love Amelia Earhart but I am not her either. I am just a regular WWI aviator. Yes sir.
Naia was the most fun to dress up because she can't protest my ideas - yet. So we made her a gnome, of course.


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