Tuesday, June 05, 2012

the calm

June is the new October. It's that awesomely delicious month as far as weather goes where we manage to book every single day and hour of our time. The first few days here we've had a whole lot of nothing going on and that's suited our tribe just fine and dandy.

The kids are busy making the most of summer on the Bay and I've managed to sneak in a few boat chores here and there that I can now check off the list.

(for the boat geeks, I have been rebuilding as needed and cleaning and maintaining our winches. Two of them were completely seized and I was told by a rigger and an old salt that it couldn't be fixed. Especially by a woman. Ha! They spin like a top and purr like a kitten now thank you very little.)

But I feel like this the the calm before the birthday/ visiting friends/ visiting relatives/ camp/ camping/ packing for  adventures near and far storm. It's a good storm, these are all things we want to do and are so looking forward to, however it will be a whirlwind one way or another. We'll just adjust our metaphorical sails and move forward with the warm winds.

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