Friday, June 15, 2012

may the force

"When will I be old enough to see Star Wars mama?" My answer was always, "When you're 8." I am not sure  how 8 crept up on us so quickly! But needless to say he didn't forget. So a week before his actual birthday we gathered a small group of Star Wars rookies and did a movie night outside under the stars so they could take in the movie for the very first time together.

I didn't take many photos because I was busy trying to get a certain little lady to sleep and managing this and that. But to see their little faces as they saw that 70's iconic flick completely anew was so sweet. Mouths were literally gaping open, eyes so wide and bright, and hands waving in the air and cheering. 
We kept it low key as possible with just some sandwiches and watermelon and sweets and a HUGE dock cart full of home popped popcorn. The real treat was the batch of amazing cupcakes SuperJen made from scratch. I would say I made them with her, but I am not sure licking the frosting spoons and washing the bowls really counts.
 (The Star Wars templates for the cupcakes came from Williams Sonoma online. we also did sandwiches shaped like these but I never got a photo.)
And before the movie started we did a little photo booth set up, which in reality was just a piece of fabric stapled to the marina shed.

The kids went home sugared up, sticky, exhausted, and happy with a small parting token.
(dark chocolate Millenium Falcons from a mold I got here, stamped jedi washer necklaces, and decoupaged little notebooks + name tag-trading card on the bag)


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