Tuesday, June 19, 2012

out at home

Out and about and out again.

We have been taking advantage of every minute of this lovely June weather to take the boat out. It's been unseasonably cool (which we love) and perfect 10-20 knot breezes, how can we resist?

Last week we played hookie mid-week to chase the tall ships coming up the Bay for the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Around here it's a big deal because the major action took place right here on the Chesapeake Bay. (For some great education resources on tall ships and the War of 1812 check out this web site here and also this documentary.)

The day was really windy and of course the wind was blowing right from the direction we were trying to go which made for a wicked bumpy, super wet ride. Miss Naia took it like a champ, stating the obvious, "Wet. I wet mama," with every wave that showered over the cabin top. Eventually I brought her inside where she could be dry and watch the antics of her crazy big brother and his friend on deck.
(this day out was her 20  month birthday. almost time to stop counting in months, she's getting so big!)

(These photos are not actually from the kids out there during the rough part but rather later when we turned downwind and then the weather settled. I was too busy toddler minding and protecting my camera to go out and photograph them when we were beating to weather.)

The big kids, Z and his friend Z, jumped around on the bows like it was the best amusement park ride ever! When it was all said and done we were barely able to catch up to the tall ships as we hoped. This is about as close as we came.
The kids loved the adventure anyhow, and I was more than happy to finally head downwind (which makes the boat sail much smoother and dryer) and softly sail my floating home back wing and wing. With Z's mama there to hold Naia and keep her entertained and out of trouble, I was able to have a long stretch at the helm. Finally.  

The day was SO lovely we decided to bypass home and keep sailing south down the Bay. It was just one of those idyllic sailing days with friends and a sleeping toddler (finally) and sunshine and cool breezes. In the end it was truly hard to convince ourselves to turn around and tack back home.

Because... ya know... we were home.
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