Thursday, October 11, 2012

crafting two

Little Miss Naia (or Super Toddler 2000 as we call her these days) is going to be turning 2 this weekend. I have been slowly getting my craft on to prepare for her big day. She only really has 2 little friends, so our celebration will be small and sweet.

Zach came up with a theme of sorts for her big day. He explained to me one day that since her favorite dolls are her fox and her hedgehog and her owl that we should do a foxie-hedgie-owlie-woodland party. Ok, twist my arm.

So here's a quick peak at some of the goodies I am working on for the kiddos. First these masks. I kept drooling over similar ones on etsy, but at around $15 each I just couldn't do it. I have tons of felt laying around, and I found free patterns via pinterest and winged it a bit too.

Next I made these burlap bucket/bags from the wonderful pattern sold by Maya Made. I got the burlap for free from our local coffee shop.

Then I made some simple wool felt crowns for each child.

And finally I found these sweet little rolling toys on etsy.

None of it was all that hard to make, and I gave myself plenty of time to do it little by little over several weeks (and time to mess up and start over a few times too).

We're hoping for good weather so the kids can all meet and play at a park until they collapse into a giant toddler implosion.
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