Wednesday, October 17, 2012

peak season

People often wonder why we don't take the boat out in July. I'll tell you why. It's because it's usually 99 degrees in the shade with 99% humidity and no. wind. at. all. That often goes for August too. We are not fans of drifting and sweating. We want to sail and be comfortable and preferably not sweaty. So July and August might as well be January and February as far as good sailing weather. There may be a rare good day, but it's pretty much a loss.

Then there is October. As far as I'm concerned, here on the Chesapeake Bay October is IT. This is the peak time to get out on the water. Perfect 10-15 knot steady breezes with sunny yet cool days and still enough sunlight to get you somewhere. This is the time when friends are coming and going and saying hey, can you take us for a sail? And we say hell yeah, let's go!

And before we know it, the stack pack looks like this and we have to shake 5 little bodies out to get the sails raised.

 We look over our rail and see a burst of billowy color bouncing around us because we're not the only ones on the Bay who are savoring October.

And friends break out in ukelele jams, pass good food around, and can't seem to wipe the smiles off their faces as our fat fiberglass beast slides across the water chasing the wind.

 (our dear friends from RV Puzzled and some local friends were out with us recently.)

If only we could have more Octobers.
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