Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Sandy!

I just can't seem to get that John Travolta voice out of my head as we sit and watch and wait. First I want to say a big thank you to everyone who reached out and dropped a line checking on us. Yes, we are in the path of the hurricane. We have had our eye on her for a bit now, even before the media decided to give her  nicknames and ride the wave of hype. Frankenstorm. Storm of the Century. Yeah, we got it. Thank you.

So the long and short of it is that we are fine. We will stay on the boat through the storm. If things get dodgy, we'll scurry up the hill and bang on SuperJen's door for a retreat. We don't anticipate there being anything that extreme though. The storm is swinging to our north according to the latest models. So the strong winds and rain will be our companions for a couple of days, but the storm surge should be negated by the northerly blows and actually empty lots of water out of the Chesapeake.

We have spent the last two days prepping, but the thing is boats are naturally ready for anything. We already have 150 gallons of water in our water tanks in case there is contaminated water from flooding. We have plenty of food on board and propane to cook it. We have solar panels that work even in stormy weather and run pretty much all systems even if our area loses power. Oh yeah, and we float.

So we have doubled our dock lines, wrapped our mainsail on the boom, cleared the decks of toys and kayaks, set our fenders, and we're set to ride out the storm.

It's been a flurry of activity here at the marina with everyone getting their boats set. Folks who don't live aboard have a lot more work to do as they drive in with maybe just an afternoon to ready everything. We have been helping neighbors where we can, and helping boats whose owners can't be here to prepare.

Anyhow, of all of the systems we are able to run on our own, internet is not one of them. So if there's some radio silence, it's probably because we lost internet locally. Thank you for the well wishes. We have a batch of pumpkin dark chocolate chip muffins, a roast beef, a stack of pancakes, fresh art supplies, new Legos, and new books, so we can declare ourselves ready for the worst threat: 3 days of cabin fever!

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