Monday, October 08, 2012

new view (for now)

One of the things that we so love about this life is the ability to move our home when needed. It's just a matter of untying the dock lines and away we go. Due to some local Sailboat Show happenings in town we got a new view for a short while here at our marina. We moved from the very inside slip closest to the yard to the very outside slip practically in the anchorage. Wow, what a difference! The kids were giddy as if we'd moved to another state when in fact we were just a few docks down.

Naia was over the moon, being a little social butterfly she posted herself on the stern and said a hearty hello and who knows what else to every boat that stopped at our fuel dock on a busy week here in town. And she announced every boat that passed with glee... water taxi! Yellow vroom vrrom! Red kaykak (yes, kayKak)! Blue sailboat! Ooooo bootiful boat mama, so bootiful! Hi people! Hello fwiends! I ready!

She is always ready.

We pondered the pros and cons to being on the outside slip. Of course the view is delicious. It feels more like you're away from it all. The breeze is lovely. And it's fun watching everyone come and go. We're boat geeks, we like to watch the boats go by.

The cons are that it's a much longer walk from parking to the boat (with 2 kids and armloads or dock cart loads of groceries and kid stuff) that is an issue. And if a westerly or norwester blow in (as they tend to this time of year) we'd be banged around a bit out on the end, not to mention the wakes from the loads of passing boats in the channel. Plus we're farther from the yard, not as easy to run back and forth for this and that as we play and learn and live outside. But the view sure is nice.

Right now it's not an option, so we don't have to make the choice. But it may come up soon. Decisions, decisions.

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