Monday, May 20, 2013

catch and sketch

As soon as Zach was old enough to catch critters from the Bay on his own he made it his mission all spring/summer/ fall to scoop up as many living things from the water as possible. There was always the issue of what do to with these critters once you have them. Of course eventually they go back in the briney deep, but it never seems like enough. So he got into the habit of catch and sketch.

Crabs and shrimp and fish have come and gone, and all posed for a portrait. The tradition continues. Recently the kids found a first... a newly hatched snapping turtle.

They spent all afternoon building him a proper habitat. And then the sketching.

Traditional fishing continues too. Zach is totally focused on catching the family some dinner. Of course there isn't anything big enough or edible around the marina, but I make a point not to mention that. Naia in her never ending quest to do anything Zach does has taken to "fishing". We got her a little fishing rod and attached a rubber fish to the line and voila. She is pleased as punch to cast plop the fish into the water, wiggle him around, and reel him back in. Endless fun.

And finally there are some critters we merely appreciate rather than catch. Although she has tried, oh yes, she really wants to bring this lovely home. I just keep saying, "She's sleeping, shhhhhh. Don't bother her now."

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