Tuesday, May 28, 2013

linen love

I've been squirreling away old pillow cases for a few years now. A couple snatched from our family beach cabin in Michigan.  A few from Good Will. Here and there the little pile of linens grows. And finally I had enough of them to piece together a patchwork skirt.

I love, LOVE, love upcycling fabrics, especially old linens. I love the feel, I love the character, I love the thriftiness, I love the patterns. It's all so good! And easy! Pillow cases are already hemmed, so a skirt is a no brainer and pants are half finished for you. Some ribbon trim or bias tape and you are good to go.

The pillowcase above was from our old cabin (I have a matching one... still planning with that one) and the ribbon trim is by Anna Maria Horner.

Upcycling old linens is perfect for summer because they are so light weight. Pajamas, skirts, capris, dresses, little bags... oh yes there will be more.

(if you follow the progression of the photos, I was chasing her around the cockpit trying to catch a shot of her wearing the skirt, and she proceeded to pull a Godzilla on our onion plants. Force of nature this little one.)

My friend Behan sent me some gorgeous linens from her family's cottage. I gasped when I opened the package and was so grateful that she took the time to ship them to me on her short trip home from her family's cruising adventures in the Indian Ocean.  I made a pillowcase skirt for my friend Laureen's little girl (another catamaran family), and I am still planning and dreaming with the rest. Zach saw what I have been sewing for Naia and commented with a sigh, "Mom, you are dressing her in the old curtains like one of the VonTrapp children!! When I get old enough to make more money, I am going to buy her proper clothes."

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