Saturday, May 18, 2013


This girl is officially 2 1/2 now. Energetic, outgoing, sensitive, joyful, helpful, flirty, chatty, strong willed, fearless, cuddly, amazing ray of sunshine.

Loves: avocado, playing with her animals, books, yellow, singing, dancing, copying every single thing her brother does (so thankful he's got a good head on his shoulders!), butter, mama's ginger tea, laughing, ants, scuba divers, running, jumping, baths, foxes, sharks.

Doesn't like: bees, flies, when her brother goes somewhere without her, naps, getting compliments (when people tell her she is cute she yells, "No my am Naia!"), hair washing, hair brushing, seafood, hearing babies cry.

I am grateful for every moment of every day I have with this amazing little girl.

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