Tuesday, June 18, 2013

9 times around the sun

Today was such a sweet, slow, low key day to celebrate this boy.

( Zach's special birthday orchid. When we brought him home to the boat as a newborn baby we had an orchid waiting for him. It's been his birthday flower ever since. 

9 times around the sun and each trip filled with love and learning and laughter and wonder. It was unseasonably cool (a trend around these parts this year) and rainy, so we spent the morning just rolling around and loving on the chickens. I have to say, we're all becoming quite attached to them. What wonderful companions. Sending them to their new home later this week will be difficult to say the least.

Then a handful of his friends arrived to have some pizza and a crazy homemade "cake" that Zach and I invented. Basically we made a big pan of gluten free brownies. Then we packed chocolate peanutbutter cup ice cream on top and scooped it out in bowls. We were all shocked at how sinfully yummy it was. The saltiness of the peanut butter in the ice cream with the chocolate was just right. Who knew?

Last year was a huge hit with the outdoor movie night and the first viewing of Star Wars. We wanted to do the same this year with Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the rain forced us in. So we blacked out the salon windows as best we could with rain soaked towels. Then we created a "big screen" (ya know, for a boat) and projected the film up and piled the kids on the floor with popcorn and it was all good.

Zach was showered with so much love and kindness, it was really wonderful for me to see him realize that people other than mom and dad care for him so much. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! We love you to the moon and back!

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