Monday, December 09, 2013

Bubble Time

The shrink wrap man came... just in time.

This year we happened to be home when they came so the kids got to watch the whole thing. Zach remembers it from years past,but it was all new for Naia. She was totally unphased by strange men climbing all over the boat and using plastic and flames at close proximity. I swear nothing scares that girl.

The best part is getting an extra room just in time for cabin fever. Zach can get away from chatty little sister even when the weather is bad and crawl up in the wee corners of the bubble. She could climb up there too, but I promised him I would not blow his cover and reveal the secret hang out.

And since bubble time slams right into holiday time, the lights go up right away.

Now we look like a huge, sparkly, psychedelic jellyfish or something. But we're warm and dry-ish, so it's all good. Bring it on winter! (well, kind of, ya know just a little.)

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