Thursday, December 19, 2013

winter greens

Zach and the neighbor girls decided to do a little elfing around the docks. They went wandering around the woods and neighborhoods that surround the marina clipping evergreens. Three kids, three clippers... things got a little snip-happy. Sorry holly and pine trees. I tried to encourage them to only snip a few low hanging branches.

So with all that greenery the kids spent an afternoon making evergreen swags for neighboring boats who are here for the winter.  They divided the branches by type, and then went about it assembly line style, collecting small bundles and then tying them off with twine and finishing them with a big red bow.

I should have a photo of the lovely swags hanging on boats around the docks, but with the 15 minutes of daylight we're experiencing these days, I keep missing it. Oh well.

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