Monday, December 30, 2013

feed the birds

Each afternoon Naia comes to a point in the day right around 4pm where she looks at me and says, "Why is the sun going away AGAIN?!" She feels it. We all do. Our daylight hours are so fleeting and precious. But so far the days are smooth going and we manage to make time for an outing, our chores, some school, some down time, time with friends, and all the things that make the world go round.

One thing Zach and I have always done this time of year is make a bird tree... and now with a toddler involved it was a bird seedy peanut buttery mess. But fun just the same. And Naia, who is a little bird crazy, was very excited about feeding her feathered friends, and herself.

Most years we walk into the little woods to find a tree, but with the sun setting fast and the temperature dropping we decided to adorn a tree right smack in the middle of the marina. We get quite a bit of wildlife coming through the marina, deer, fox, loads of squirrels and birds, and who knows what else lurks through. So we knew whatever we hung from the tree would get eaten by something.

... or someone!

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