Thursday, December 12, 2013

white stuff

It snowed. Not enough to cause trouble but enough to make the kids happy. We watched from the warmth of the bubble as the first flakes started drifting down on to the water.

I have been under the weather, so it was a convenient excuse for me to stay inside with a cuppa tea while Doug took the kids out in the snow. I have to say, I much prefer having the cocoa warm and ready and hearing all about the snowmen and sledding from my rosy cheeked kids rather than having to go experience it in the cold.

Much of the snow melted fairly fast, but the temps have plummeted and the water around the boats is starting to freeze. It's an odd feeling waking up to the scratch and thud of ice hitting the hulls. Zach and his friends have been having a ball using boat hooks, nets, sticks, anything they can find to smash the icebergs off the docks. It's amazing how much time they can kill in an afternoon just breaking and playing with ice.
Oh to be young and warm blooded!


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