Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day On The Bay

Sometimes the best plans are the ones you don't actually make until 5 minutes before they happen. That's my kind of outing really. I am much better at spontaneous than long term planning. So bumping into some friends at the grocery store while grabbing some food led to all of us casting off a half hour later for a Mother's Day on the bay.

(Our long time friend and her little boy who is about Naia's age.)

I love how Zach is holding her life jacket for safety in the photos below. He chewed me out for letting her play on the bow (even though we were drifting along in totally calm conditions). I love that kid.

We had about 5 minutes of wind before we were totally becalmed. We decided to tuck in on the shoals behind the Thomas Point Lighthouse (thank you 3 foot draft!) and just drift, sails down, no anchor out. We pretty much stayed in one place, away from traffic, and had a lovely lunch.

Then within a few minutes of starting to head back everything got really quiet.

I noticed the quiet, checked to see what was up, and found her like this. She and her little buddy slept for hours. That was a wonderful Mother's Day surprise.

Back at the marina, we tended to a few quick repairs and set the cockpit table for dinner.

One hilarious side note... this is the first time we have had a chance to sail since winter (of course this year winter was approximately 17 months long.) As we were getting out of the harbor, I looked up and noticed spider webs in the rigging. Actual, real spider webs. Lots of them. It was crazy and icky and hilarious all at once. We hacked at them with a boat hook, but realized we just needed to sail them off. Adios freeloaders!

 (this photo sort of shows the spider webs... it was like this all over the shrouds and mast.)

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