Friday, May 09, 2014

sheep fest

Even though we live on the water, we always seem to be drawn to farm-ish things. Any chance of feeding a cheeky goat or petting a chicken and we're there.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest is one of those family friendly, people watching, free, farm things that seems to draw us in each year. Sheep, cotton candy, wool, yarn, and lamb kebobs... what's not to like?

Both kids were totally mesmerized by the Angora rabbits. They are softer than you think possible and they just sit there and let you stroke them and love on them as much as you want. Their handlers hold them in their laps and spin the fur right off their bodies.  Just gently pulling and spinning and pulling and spinning into impossibly soft yarn.

Everywhere you look people are knitting. One day I need to go to the festival without the kids so I can just pick a group of knitters to crash and spend all day figuring it out. Anywhere there's a group of crazy knitters there will be yarn bombing. This is when knitters knit sweaters for public spaces like a park bench or a tree trunk or a fence or a building column, basically knitting graffiti. If I ever learn to knit, I will totally do this. I think the whole world should be yarn bombed.

One thing that struck me as we were wandering the festival was how big Zach is getting. He jumped from a size 8 to a size 12 clothes in one season. I would see him walking ahead of us, in his own little world and for a split second I would glance at his broadening shoulders and strong legs and think, who's that guy? Oh man, that's my baby boy! Almost a decade old. Sigh.

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