Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2 ships and a seaside town

We never pass up an opportunity to tour old ships. Even when Zach was younger, he's always been fascinated by history and especially naval history. Stories of the Battle of Trafalgar (one of those things I never thought I would know so much about in such detail until having a little boy) and the explorers who voyaged under sail totally capture Zach's imagination and his heart.

So we trekked out to the eastern shore of Maryland last week to catch a homeschool tour of the Nina and the Pinta replica ships.

Zach was totally absorbed in the tour. The 20-something guy who was leading our kids around was so engaging and charismatic he kept all of the kids captivated, not just the boat nerds. And Zach became that kid who had all the answers. You know, the one who is charming and impressive at first, but slowly starts to become the know it all who doesn't give the other kids a chance to say anything. He was just so genuinely excited to be learning more about something he loves and chatting with someone who shares his passion for history and ships.

After the tour we wandered around St. Michael's, MD, such an iconic little east coast waterfront town. Adorable and walkable and charming at every turn. We've been here many times before both by boat and by land, but it's always too hot to really walk around or we end up spending all of our time at the fabulous Chesapeake Maritime Museum. It was nice just strolling around and checking it all out.

The Columbus ships are touring all over, so check the schedule and see if they're coming your way. The guys who run the ships are awesome and it's worth a trip.
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