Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Perfect Tree

Every family who puts up a Christmas tree has a different set of requirements for said tree. Some want a native tree they can replant. Others want something towering and awe inspiring. Some families I know pick out a certain type of evergreen that won't poke little fingers. Some want to cut their own, others want to unbox it year after year, and others grab them on the go at the grocery store. The trees are as different as the people who put them up.

We look for salt. It takes a salty, seaworthy tree to make it on board a boat. Many boat dwellers don't bother. They hang lights and decorate the windows, but the idea of a tree is just too rooted and frankly too difficult to bother with. But the boy wanted a tree. And "not a plastic one mommy!". So we made a list.

Wanted: a tree that can take a 35 knot gust of west wind, hold tight to ornaments when the pump out boat wakes us twice a week, and can stand all weather. Must love being out in the salt air, nosy seagulls, and chatty ducks. Must not fuss about matching or wearing anything too formal for the season. Love of travel, kids, and gnomes a plus.

We raised a few eyebrows, asking to see "the smallest tree you have please". And then giving them a few, not so polite shoves to see just how tippy they were. And then we found him... at Whole Foods of all places. He's stout, sturdy, and festive - he fits into the crew perfectly!

Zach named him Halloween. And he doesn't scare easily. He's already proven himself in a few blustery gales, never once tipping over or even dropping an ornament.

And when the sun decided to make an appearance (how very nice of you to drop in. Please, don't be a stranger), we took Halloween for a spin.

His needles took the breeze in stride and he never flinched, even when daddy tried to race a monohull. Now that's the perfect tree!


Erin J said...

How delightful that you named your tree! Ours looks a bit like Charlie Brown's tree this year: thin and awkward. But the kids decorated it with plenty of love! There is just something about kids and Christmas trees.

Joy said...

How cute! Halloween looks like a very sea-worthy tree. I'm sure Zach was thrilled. :)

Lisa said...

We love your tree!! I love that you took it for a ride!!! It made me want to be on board! We talk of moving to a boat sometimes. Seeing your life makes it seem all the more wonderful!
Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

just a lovely tree very worthy of its sea journey! Have a wonderful holiday Cindy!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect boat tree! And I love the ornaments.

gardenmama said...

what a fantastic post! i love your tree and your made me laugh when you said you gave it a few "not so polite shoves" to see how tippy it was... your seashell ornaments are incredible! and i see some beeswax peeking out : ) i love it!!

Anonymous said...

oh, I love your life... so amazing!

boatbaby said...

ErinJ - so true! Kids & tree decorating are a natural.

Joy - so far so good!

Lisa - thank you! Take the plunge, it;s a grand life indeed!

Thank you MamaRoots!

LifeONPE - thanks!

Gardenmama - I learned the hard way what happens when you don't shove the trees before taking them home :)

Mary - thank you!

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