Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Wonders

When scenes like this unfold on quiet mornings... I wonder why I bother to buy any toys at all for the holidays.

Odds and ends from around the boat plus odds and ends from nature equal all the fun in the world. And the makings of a wee little winter world.


Joy said...

Are those beeswax gnomes? Love the decorated pinecones! :)

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

we are going to be weaving some pine cones, too:) your nature table looks lovely.

Cam said...

One thing that is certainly abundant here in south Georgia, is pine cones, my friend!

It is great to see you and be here again! On my way to check out what you've been up to since I've been away.

(and, I'm with you on a less than fantastic camera, though I'd be lost without it.)

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