Tuesday, June 08, 2010

notes on a wedding

~so grateful my buddy the groom and the other grooms-people arranged a day at the spa~

~ amazing view from my room at "Groom Zero", the shared house/ inn for the groomies~

~stunning setting for the wedding in insanely remote location~
~reception in waiting~
~crazy cute & creative way to seat guests and encourage mingling~

(oops this one got too close to the candles!)

~night scenes from the bar I was unable to partake in (being the pregnant lady at a Napa wedding is sort of cruel)~
~guests type notes to the couple while waiting for drinks~

~square dancing, yes square dancing! and yes it was fun! and retro movie scenes on the ceiling~

~zaniness ensued with the photo booth. no that's not me in goggles and a viking hat, it can't be.~
I reunited with old friends. I made amazing new friends. I gorged on fantastic foods. But the most remarkable thing about this whirlwind wedding weekend was seeing my dear friend of 22 years melt with love as he looked into the eyes of his beaming bride. Congrats to J+E!


kim said...

holy moly that looks fun! i'm new to your blog.....i love it ☺

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Wow! It makes me wish that was my wedding, don't get me wrong, I loved my wedding but good grief: the beautiful setting, the card catalogue, the typewritten notes, the photo booth, AND square dancing! What a night!

Joy said...

Whoa! What an amazing wedding! Someone is incredibly creative, had a great wedding planner, or both! How cool that you were able to attend such an amazing event. :)

Anonymous said...

Cindy, what a great site! I'm attempting to send it
to all my friends. Great visually. You are so
talented. I need to converse with you later about
why my 2K Nikon D-200 takes crap photos next
to yours. We need to talk.

With great respect, Bill Tinker

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