Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Z fell in love with Q. They met last year, but this time they seemed to really hit it off when her family stayed with us for the weekend. Z usually prefers older kids when it comes to play time, but he pulled me aside and said, "Mama, even though Q is littler than me, I REALLY like her. She talks just as much as I do." Now that's saying something.
There they were, hanging out on the tramps while we were underway this weekend, giggling and talking and watching the water go by through the netting. Michele and I were all giggles ourselves. Being friends since high school, these are the little moments you make up when you're young. "One day our kids will play togther and..." So seeing them cuddling made us all giddy as we snapped photos and "awwwwwed" at them.

Then later in the trip, Z pulls me aside again. "Mama, it was so fun snuggling with Q on the netting!" Then he pulled me close in a whisper. "And mama, I have to tell you something. I kissed her. On the arm." I told him that was very sweet and then of course violated my only son's trust and immeddiately told Q's mom as if WE were the ones who were just kids. The mamas of course thought it was the cutest thing ever. Q's dad, on the other hand, decided he needed a drink and started talking of closets and shotguns.


Joy said...

Awww...they are so cute! I love those photos. It really captures the innocence and sweetness of childhood friendships. :)

Laura said...

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

we too have entered the new world of "special friends" so this post really touched my heart.

i love how you've captured the sweetness and innocence so beautifully.


lily boot said...

yes ... Abby's best friend is Peter. They met in preschool, we mamas became best friends and now, eight years later and two states away they have such a close and supportive friendship. There are so many lovely years behind them of holidays together, sleepovers, hours in the pool, hours writing, building, drawing, filming, making radio plays ... and saying just the right thing when the other needs it. Long live the special friendships we form when our hearts are sweet and pure.

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