Tuesday, May 03, 2011

hey mom our house is flying

So after our rollicking ride up north on the Bay we parked safely at the boat yard and handed over our home with pretty much all of our worldy possessions on board to a bunch of strangers who proceeded to life it into the air.

(easy there buddy, that's my house you're pushing around there)
 (and up she goes)
 (this dude with the remote control is in charge of safely moving our home around on the travel lift. REMOTE CONTROL. I was hoping our home sweet home would be in the hands of something more substantial than a video game box that runs on D batteries.)
Boats out of water are like, well, boats out of water. Awkward. Vulnerable. Just plain weird. The last time we hauled out Zach was only two and he doesn't remember much from the whole ordeal. This time he watched very carefully are our home rolled through the boat yard on the travel lift and was so much in awe he actually stayed (gasp) quiet for about 20 minutes.
Once the boat is blocked up (safely supported on stilts and wood pieces) we all checked her out and sussed out the work that lay ahead.
(I was actually more nervous about Zach playing on the boat on land than I have ever been with him playing on the boat in the water.)
She is in dire need of a spa day. Make that a spa week.

Aside from the usual bottom paint and zinc change out, Doug is going to acid wash the hulls then compound and wax them. In other words he will take a day or two off his life by spending the week playing in toxic chemicals. There is no such thing as eco-friendy boat paint. Or boat wax. Or boat anything. Our lifestyle may make a smaller footprint than a land home but then every 2-5 years we make up for it with a little chemical soup.

We'll keep ya posted.

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