Tuesday, May 24, 2011

how to make a boat bed with a baby

I remember when Zach was a sprog we would sometimes take the whole morning right up until he needed a morning nap just to make the bed. It became a long, crazy play time that we loved. While I don't have the luxury now of a whole morning to make the beds with Naia (if the beds get made at all that is) she and I still like to roll around and play while getting the chore done.
The not-quite-queen size bed is walled in on three sides, you enter through the foot of the bed. It's actually ideal for co-sleeping because nobody can fall out of the bed and you can use every inch of the mattress with the walls holding you in place. So first we toss the baby on the bed, then toss the sheets on after her.
I make my way from the foot upwards tucking and straightening, all the while cooing at the girl and singing, "I'm gonna get the baby" as I make my way towards her. She loves being fanned by the sheets, over her head like the parachute game from elementary school gym class.
(Same bed. Same game. Different sheets. Different baby. This is Zach playing the making the bed game at age 5 months.)

Of course Zach all the while is either outside already mucking around or in the book nook doing his book nook thing. Naia and I make a little progress, and then she gives me the look. The "Please put down that camera and stop messing with the sheets and just cuddle and nurse me" look.
(Giving me the look while also putting up her hand to the lens in a "no paparazzi" move.)

So I oblige. And before the quilt makes it on we lay down and soon she is taking one of her famous 15 minute power naps (she's not much of a napper, 15 minutes is usually all we get).
A little peace and a small bit of tidiness. It's a good start to the day.
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