Wednesday, May 11, 2011

for you mama

He jumped off the boat and disappeared as soon as we were tied up in the slip after hauling out. I knew he missed being here at the marina, but he seemed to be gone a while, wandering the Green Ship and all around the marina grounds. We were so busy tying the boat up just right, plugging in the cable modem, tidying up from our afternoon journey so it was just as well that he was keeping himself busy.

And then he came and took me by the hand. "I have something to show you mommy." I slipped on my sandals and wandered out into the marina yard. "Close your eyes, I'll take you there. You can do it. I got ya." he cooed.

And when I opened my eyes, I saw this.
"For you mama! Happy Mother's Day!" He walked me down the little flowered path to a clearing in the bushes where he set some leaf "napkins" and a nice cold bottle of water.
And then he revealed another gift. "I embroidered the flowers into a pond." And he showed me this.
Thank you my sweet, sweet boy. Your loving heart and wild imagination are the best gifts ever.
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