Monday, January 28, 2013


The stomach flu is running through our boat. Sweet little Naia got it first. She is such a trooper it truly floors me. She tells me every time she thinks she is going to lose it by saying, "Mama catch my mouth!"  That's my warning to find a towel, fast! And when she's gotten it all out she just blinks a few times and returns to singing and playing.

And this funny girl, she decided that her songs all need to contain the word vomit in some form or another. So for example, "Oh vomit tree, oh vomit tree! How lovely are your branches!" And of course "Jingle bells, jingle bells, vomit all the way." And my personal favorite, "Some nights I wake up, and I go and vomit and some night my Zachie does too." (my apologies to the group FUN.) That girl, just barely 2 and so full of character it cracks us all up.
My husband was the next one out. Grown ups always get it worse and he's pretty bad. Poor guy soldiered through as cleaning crew for Naia's sickies while I nursed her and then he was down and out in no time.
And in the middle of the night Zach went down. Poor little guy has always been SOsoSO healthy. Truly he rarely gets even a sniffle and so he's quite dramatic when he is sick. Weeping and wailing and collapsing into a heap of stuffed animals. He's not too impaired to realize the upside which is that he gets to watch movies when he's sick. He's been on a Paddington Bear marathon. He loves all things British, especially cheeky bears.

In the midst of it all we ran out of water, and the hoses were frozen solid which made things interesting and stinky for 3/4 of the day while the hoses got warmed and thawed. There's always something.

And that leaves me, last man standing. I am a heavy kombucha drinker and love my farm made yogurt (mixed with maple syrup and cranberry sauce that I make with maple sugar and fresh squeezed orange, YUM!) and I am hoping all those probiotics will spare me the downfall. Hoping. Fingers and toes crossed. In an ice storm, drinking kombucha.


Amanda said...

Here's sending you all the healthy fighting sickness energy! Love naias singing. Sick kids is no fun!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Incredible how much energy the little ones have even when gagging out. Amazing.

Bethany said...

Hope they get feeling better soon! It's just been colds here, but we did have one year where all 3 of us got the stomach flu--while taking care of Beanie in the hospital. Here: .

Red Charlotte said...

HOpe, hope, hope you don't get sick!

The Ceol Mors said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!

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