Sunday, December 20, 2015

wrapped for the season

It was difficult to get the motivation to shrink wrap the boat for the season. We've had the odd cold day here and there. And by cold I mean normal, average winter 40-something degrees. But on the whole it's been spring like and lovely and not at all like almost-Christmas.

But we finally made the call, and the local shrink wrap crew swooped in and got it done within a couple of hours.

Naia kept skipping around while they worked. She chirped, "Thank you!" over and over, so excited to see them close up our cockpit and salon with opaque thick plastic to help insulate for winter. It creates an extra sun room in the cockpit, and protects from heavy snows.

Choo Choo likes heading out there in peak sun to find the softest spot to have a dog nap. I kind of want his life some days.

Zach loves climbing up under the boom (we took the mainsail off for the winter and stowed it in the bow locker) and creating a little hang out.

I think back to the many, many winters Doug and I have gone through on our old boat and this boat before we were savvy to the benefits of shrink wrapping and I shiver. There was a lot of cold and wet and cabin fever. I wrote about living aboard our old boat in winter without shrink wrap several years back... you can read about it here...

(photos above are of our first liveaboard/ cruising boat which was a PDQ36. Side note: PDQ's are fabulous boats and our friends happen to be selling one right now... check it out here

We still get cold if the sun isn't shining. And cabin fever is always possible. But "the bubble" allows a whole different level of comfort. It's still a boat... in winter. Which for most people is like camping with running water. But we love our shrink wrap bubble and we're ready for real winter now. Ok, not really. That was a lie. Real winter can stay far away and never come back. But should it come our way, I'll be hiding in the bubble.

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