Monday, December 28, 2015

merry and bright

So many gifts this season, but none the type with a bow or wrapping paper. I got to take a long, hot shower all by myself. Up in the marina facilities, I just let the hot water run and run and run, conditioning my hair over and over for the heck of it. For a boat mom, long hot showers without kids is a sweet gift indeed. I had time to sit in the sunny cockpit and practice guitar. We had meals with friends with laughter and music and kids happily playing. And of course the weather.

Temperatures in the 50's-60's and even 70's have made us all feel like spring is in the air while Christmas carols are playing. Birds are singing, flowers are popping up, and even the geese and ducks seems joyfully confused. Wet and warm, I'll take it. We've been short sleeved and barefoot and soaking it all in. Christmas Eve on the beach is a good thing.

Holidays home on the boat were mellow as always with just the 4 of us plus Choo Choo. We baked and made treats for friends and neighbors, we read our favorite holiday stories and watched some classic Christmas movies. And we made the boat cheerful for the season.

(Notice nearly all of the decorations are right on the bottom of the tree on one side. I would never dream of rearranging the 5 year old hanging scheme. Authenticity says so much more than a perfectly coiffed tree.)

(cell phone pic!)

Naia was very swept up in the magic of it all, such a perfect age at 5. And Zach was a dutiful big brother who played along and didn't spoil her fun. It's sweet seeing him teeter between rolling his eyes at some of the same old family traditions but also fiercely guard them if I forgot or did something wrong, reminding me of how we do it and wanting things to be just right for Naia.

I'm often asked "how" we celebrate the holidays on board the boat. It's not in the how though. Each family has their own traditions and special touches that make holidays special whether your home floats or not. Boat families all over the globe deck the halls in different ways (check out  great write up by my friends on Totem There is no right or wrong or must-do approach. For us it's just the doing itself. Being together, sharing sweetness, creating joy and magic, and bringing light into the darkness.

These two are my sweetness and light.
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