Tuesday, March 08, 2016


It's been 2 months, give or take, and I wondered whether I should bother to come back to this space at all and try to catch up. Then I realized that I need to do this for the very reason I started this and kept it up this long as it is. This is for my children. This is their story, their images, their memories for someday. So I will do my best to catch up for them.

Winter has been kind. I guess we were due a mild one after many harsh long winters. The beginning of January was mild and lovely.

Then there was the end of the month when a big blizzard came knocking. Three long days cooped up on the boat with record snowfalls and strong winds. I was worried about losing power, but thankfully it stayed on and we all did fine. The kids played and watched movies and we baked. And in the middle of the storm I carefully made my way off the boat and walked in thigh deep snow to a room left unlocked by the marina for liveaboards to gather. It ended up being a warm and wonderful gathering with surprisingly good food and music and laughter. I even met some new people I didn't realize were living here.  Just the thing for a blizzard night, making grateful once again for this little community we have.

The kids bundled up and enjoyed the snow to the fullest. A perfect, fluffy, deep snow.

It was good to get one gratuitous snowfall. That's really all winter needs to be, right?
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