Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Camping Trip

Our Big Birthday-Solstice-Father's Day-Back Country Camping Trip to Assateague Island turned out to be SO much more of an adventure than we anticipated that I can't even relay it all in a single blog post. So I will keep it simple.

~packing priorities: new trusty birthday sword (a.k.a. Sting) and Jiffy Pop~

~paddled past wild horses~
~mommies get lost and paddle an extra mile in a zigzag while fumbling with a 10 year old GPS~

~braving horror-movie-like swarms of mosquitoes to get to the beach - but oh what a beautiful, isolated stretch of Atlantic Ocean bliss it was~

~island is pummeled by thunderstorms, tornado watches, and insanely high winds~
~tents from the 1970's leak... bad~

~keeping a campfire going during a downpour and constant black fly invasion is like meditating~
~i invented a new camping cuisine: Pancake Hash~
~the kids found their Inner Pyromaniac~

~when the tents are wet and you see yet another squall line move in, it's time to huddle in the outhouse~

~the kids were bitten and bruised and filthy, but happy as, well, as kids on a camping trip~

~the wind was so bad the day we were to paddle home that the kayaks went backwards. Plan B (actually plan V, but I won't bore you with plans A through U) -- abandon kayaks with select gear and hike the dunes 2.5 miles back to the ranger station~

~our kayaks lay in wait at approximately 38° 10.308'N 75° 10.631'W ~

~storms, leaks, tics, wind, mosquitoes, high winds, and questionable cuisine can all be made better with a dark chocolate s'more~


Lily Boot said...

oh my goodness! what an adventure! I would have needed more than advil to cope with all that! But it does look like there was some beauty andd good times as well.

waldorfmama said...

wow - now that's an adventure! we've had a few camping experiences like that (well, not quite like that...but with maybe one or two of those challenges at a time). i'll bet you were glad to get back to your 'home sweet boat'! but what memories! and yes, smores make everything better. :)

Faith said...

WOW! My son who is almost 5 would have absolutely loved that, what an adventure! Sounds like you coped very well, and the way you wrote the post had me laughing. I have been following your blog for a while, my son also likes to look at it with me. We really have enjoyed watching the fun, creative and bold parenting moves that you make! You are inspiring!!!

redrecliner said...

Dark chocolate S'more = perfect ending.

Jenell said...

You are such a good mama. I woulda been so outa there! But really it sounds like you go with the flow well and have a good sense of humor. So many funny things...from insect swarms...to leaky tents...to pancake hash! Looks like Zach had a blast. I love that picture of them playing in the sand.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Oh My, what memories that trip will hold for you. How can any of your future trips compete with that one!

Kimberly said...

Awww! Seeing the nasty old brown thing up on its side like some weird whimsical windsock version of a belly up dung beetle makes me go all soft inside. Maybe I'll trek back out to AI and dumpster dive for the muddy igloo--or maybe I'll just make another s'more. We kept the chocolate dry, so no one can question our priorities.

Stefani said...

Oh my! I think that will be the trip that lives in infamy for you guys. You'll be talking about it for years to come.

And really, it's so much better when there's stories to tell. What fun is "everything went according to plan?"

boatbaby said...

Oh yes Kim -- rule #1 on any outing: PROTECT THE DARK CHOCOLATE!

gardenmama said...

Ahh jiffy pop! You gotta love it : )
Your photos are *gorgeous*
Camping is the best, dirtyness and all!!

TAG said...

What an adventure! Love the magical sunflare images. And the post about sweet turtles. You inspire me to do more hands-on exploring with my little one. Thanks for that!

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