Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Welcome Aboard - Swabbie's Room

This is Zach's room. When I say room, I use the word quite liberally since he's only slept there once in his whole life. We happily have a family bed for sleeping and this room is more of a play space, laundry sorting area, guest coat storage, catch all space.

He mostly uses the space to get dressed and sometimes to hole up with his buddies and play away from the grown ups when we're having an inside day. Sometimes he brings his audio books down there for a listen (we are HUGE Jim Weiss fans).

It's in the very aft (back) part of the boat on the starboard side (right side), adjacent to the book nook/ hallway. There are more stuffed animals in here than I'd care for. I have been slowly thinning the herd since he's not really attached to 98% of them.

The main hatch in the ceiling leaks. That's on the late spring hit list. And we'd like to replace the lighting with some LED fixtures. One day we'll get around to freshening up the paint too.

Below is the closet (for some perspective, the picture was taken while sitting on the foot of the bed), and now my secret is out. I am not exactly the fold and sort kind of girl. It IS actually organized, but only the boy and I know where everything is.

When he was a wee baby the room was set up just slightly different, with a changing pad and diaper items at the foot of the bed, and the baby mobile dangling over head (made from fishing lures cleverly rigged up by one of our dock neighbors as a baby shower gift).

I know one day this will be his space, his man cub cave, his place to close the door and be away from mom and dad. I am in no rush for that day to come. But at the same time I can't wait to see how this little space changes and evolves as he does through the years.


Kate said...

Oh, we looooovvveee Jim Wiess tapes too:) And I love his space-- perfect for play, and someday, stretching out all on his own;). It will happen so quickly!

Em said...

Wow, this space seems so big! Thanks for sharing!

Stuff On My Blog said...

What a gorgeous, cozy little nook. Funny we think kids would want a huge room full of junk.. but I honestly think any of my boys would LOVE to have that space for their own!

waldorfmama said...

yay for family beds! our daughter has yet to sleep in her own space, as well. but isn't it fun to see how that space changes and adapts as they grow older? :)

boatbaby said...

Kate -- yay Jim Weiss! I always wondered what it would be like to meet him!

Em - it's big for a sailboat, but teeny by house standards. I also know how to wedge myself into a corner and take a photo ;) I used to be in the TV business so I know how to set a shot ;)

StuffOMB - Thank you, it's funny how kids love little cavey spaces. That;s why the best toy is often an empty cardboard box.

Waldorfmama - yay for family beds indeed! It will be a big heartache for me when he decides to sleep in his own space. *sigh*

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