Monday, March 22, 2010


One of the things I love about homeschooling is the ability to use the community around us as our classroom. Here we have this delicious spring weather and we got to spend the day here.
It's part of a local homeschool fiber CSA. The way it works is we get to visit this farm once a month throughout the year and learn everything there is to know about raising sheep (and various other critters around the place).
(I was drooling over the old stone work inside the barn.)
From the birth and care of baby lambs to shearing to dying and spinning wool to knitting (will I FINALLY learn to knit at the end of all this?!)
Aside from getting to cuddle and feed newborn lambs (born as we were pulling up to the farm!), Z was assigned his very own sheep whose precious fibers will be all ours.
For me, this what learning is all about. As much as I love our floating home, part of what makes living in such a small space so fabulous is that it forces us to go out. Inside days happen, and we have plenty to keep us busy, but life was meant to be lived... out there. And little people seem to shine when they can be a part of this big, fabulous world around us as often as possible. No workbook or movie or web site could replicate being out in the community touching and feeling and doing. We came home stinking of sheep, hay in our hair, poop on our boots, and smiles on our faces.
(Isn't this guy such a rock star? He was Zach's favorite!)


Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

This is really awesome. I'm waffling back and forth between homeschool/public school. Every time I visit your blog I waffle back to home school. :)

Seven C's said...

That is just too cool! I will have to see if there is something like that in our area!
I spent a lot of my time growing up on a friends sheep ranch helping out around the ranch and learning.
Absolutely wonderful!

Bethany said...

This is why I come back to your blog time and time again. You guys are doing it "right" (according to me.)

House Mother said...

"No workbook or movie or web site could replicate being out in the community touching and feeling and doing. We came home stinking of sheep, hay in our hair, poop on our boots, and smiles on our faces."

Yes, I agree! But, thanks for the reminder. Some days I wonder what I'm doing here...

gardenmama said...

The world is our classroom... a beautiful post Cindy! What a treasure to have near you! xo

Jenny said...

thats a great idea :D there isnt much to learn from around where we live. i'd love to live in the kind of place you do though. it looks very nice.

Christie of s/v Kaleo said...

Hi there,

We don't know each other but we have a lot in common.

My husband, Matt, and I are in full preparations for throwing off the bowlines in pursuit of our own dream of cruising about the world within the next year.

It's encouraging to see other young, successful cruisers - especially families out there who have lived this dream. We admire your drive, tenacity, and resourcefulness along this journey and are learning from your experiences. Thank you for sharing them here.

Would you mind if we listed your site as "other cruisers we follow" on our site?

Fair winds,
Christie and Matt Butcher of s/v Kaleo

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

You had me swooning at the rock wall, and again when I saw Zach feeding the lamb, but once you mentioned being assigned to your very own sheep and being able to use his wool...Wow! Our kids have a combo of homeschool/traditional school but one of the things I love most is the time we spend having adventures like this. You are so right. No workbook, no website, could ever create this kind of magic. Happy Spring to you guys!

boatbaby said...

Holly - you will know in your heart what to do when the time comes. Not only that, but MiniDork will let you know in her own way.

7C's - what a cool way to grow up. I swear farms and boats are the way to go for kids.

Aww, thanks Bethany! Most people just think we're crazy :)

We all wonder what we're doing here House Mother ;)

Nicole - yeah, we feel very lucky to have found this experience. Our area (Wash DC) is FULL of fabulous opportunities.

Jenny - it takes some digging, but every community seems to have some gems for kids.

Christie - welcome and of course! I saw your web site, it's beautiful! I can't wait to follow your adventures! Thank you for your kind words.

DimSum - your kids DO seem to have the best of all worlds! We're excited about the wool for sure!

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