Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growing Spring

(the sweet little growth cycle set is from MamaRoots)

I wish I could take credit for all of those lovely little green sprouts popping out of the containers of soil there, but MY gardening efforts usually look like this in the end.
Someone once commented here, that if plants would cry or shriek when they needed attention it would be much easier to remember to look after them. I am so caught up in other things that tending to plants is very low on my list of things to do in a day. Not so for my husband and Zach. They LOVE it and have been bringing these little guys up from seed.

They simply decided which foods they like to eat the most (tomatoes for D, cucumbers for Z) and pulled the seeds right out of the food as we ate it. They rummaged in the recycling bin for planting containers and collected soil from around the marina. I laughed. I scoffed. How could that possibly work?! Well they showed me.

My little contributions to the cause were these cute little planters that came with basil seeds attached (from ImagineChildhood).

It'll take a little of that gnome magic, but I hope the boys manage to eek something edible from their efforts later this summer when we move the plants to the dock... but at least for now it's lovely having all of these little green spring sprouts around the boat (as long as I don't have to water them :)  )


eringoodman said...

this made me smile. how wonderful that your husband and son have this special project to enjoy together!!

Seven C's said...

Too cool! That is great that they have these projects together!
I will be interested to watch the progress on these :)

Laura said...

Love it! Just make sure all of them have a drain hole at the bottom! ~ THen you cant really go wrong as long as you water them! (I worked at a Greenhouse for years!)

Michele said...

I just finished putting in my garden this week so Z and I should have lots to talk about. Here is to some fertile soil (no pun intended related to your current state).

angie said...

well, it looks as though my green thumb is out of order too. The tomato seeds we planted two weeks ago have not come up yet. boo.

boatbaby said...

erin - yes, I love how they have their own routines and rhythms.

7cs - I hope we have progress to report. :)

Laura - thanks for the tip. I think my husband made drain holes... I think...?

Michele - I don't think we'll have anything edible by the time you visit.

angie - I feel your pain. tomato plants are supposed to be really hard to start from seed. last year we got one already started and flowering.

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