Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Voice

I have been feeling really fuzzy lately. Jet lag is no longer an excuse, but perhaps the lack of sunshine is. What little rhythm our fly by the seat of our pants family has seems to be so out of reach of the moment. I see "to-do's" all around me, but can seem to do any of them. The boat is a mess and I can't focus. On anything.

Then I hear that little voice. Not the one inside my head, that one is whining so I shut it out. The little voice that follows me around all day. Talking. Non. Stop. I always hear it. But today I listened to it. "Mommy, we need to light a candle tonight. That will make everything beautiful."

And it did. 

It's amazing how one small person and one small act can make such a big difference in mood.


Lily Boot said...

Oh Cindy, can you send Zach around here with a candle. We could really do with one. I hope it brings you some lovely peace and direction for your energy. These years, when our people are little and so honest and our world so small are beautiful - such a shame we eventually have to venture out into the noisy bigger world!

Joy said...

Candles do wonders to lift the spirits. We have watched that happen here on many a grumpy evening. :) I hope you get your mojo back soon, Cindy!

Simple Mama said...

My goodness, how I understand this. Our rhythm is all off right now. Time change, spring schedules changing, naptimes changing. I need to find this *one* thing that will help us in our routine too.

Little Lovables said...

so sweet. interesting how one simple thing, from the mind of such a little one can answer so many questions. their minds aren't as cluttered and busy as ours are!

Beth said...

That is so beautiful...words and pictures. love, Beth

boatbaby said...

Lily - the post master might frown upon me shipping Zach, but a candle can be arranged :)

Joy - I love seeing the candles your little ones make!

House Mother - yes they so say "stay present" don't they? Great point. Thank you!

SimpleMama- yes time change I think is a big part of it too.

Lisa - or just busy is such a different way.

Beth - thank you so much for your kind words!

eringoodman said...

catching up (now that i'm back in the world of free wi-fi ;-)...

what a beautiful post and photo.

isn't it wonderful to see your teachings coming back to you via your beautiful son.



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