Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ancient Wisdom

I have a camera! Well, kind of. Basically my sweet boy dug out the crummy little digital camera we got him last year for Christmas and gave it to me. It's been dropped so many times it doesn't zoom in or out any more, and it only focuses when Jupiter is aligned with Mars. But at this stage, I am happy with anything! So I went on a shooting spree, so to speak, the last 24+ hours.

The highlight was our field trip to The National Geographic Society Museum (I love homeschooling in the DC area!) to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.
Cameras are not allowed inside the exhibit, not even crummy little ones that don't zoom. But all I can say is if you're in the DC area, or anywhere near it, between now and March 31, 2010 -- go see this exhibit!

We had great fun reading Magic Tree House: Day of the Dragon King (again) before going (is there anything that Jack & Annie haven't done?). And we found all sorts of cool photos, print outs, and information to check out online.
The best part for me was absorbing myself in the art of holding my tongue and letting the boy take it all in. It's so tempting as a parent, especially a homeschooling parent, to stand there and lecture and read every word of every placard and sign. But I really made a point of letting him go over the exhibit in his own time, on his own terms. And I swear we both learn more that way. I love hearing his stream of narration as he notices this and that. I love hearing him ask a question, and then when I either make a point not to answer or I answer with my patened "I don't know, what do you think?", listening to him work it out on his own. The energy of a child learning on his own terms is such a natural high.

And of course the burst of creativity that comes from that high is bliss.
(the armless warrior with shield and required fancy hat)
(dragon looking horse)
(Emperor Qin Shi Huang in gnome form)
Thank you terracotta Sculpey!


FrontierDreams said...

oh that all looks like so much fun! and I love the emperor in gnome form!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

You are so lucky to be living and homeschooling in the DC area...feeling a little jealous actually! Those warriors are impressive guys, but I really love Zach's version. Must try to get my hands on some terracotta sculpey.

SQ said...

Some of the best advice I've received on parenting and educating my children has come from Montessori teachers who are trained to observe more, and talk less.

With DC as a classroom, you've got plenty of opportunity to just soak up all the history around you. I'm jealous too!

Lily Boot said...

How exciting - you are in such a wonderful location. I'm certainly taking a lesson from here - I am terribly guilty of babbling on and on and on - and truly, I know it turns Abby off and she begins to wander away. I shall stand there and quietly absorb/observe next time and see how it works.

Erin J said...

Really neat! I think you take really interesting, beautiful pictures even with a crummy camera. You have such an eye for composition.

boatbaby said...

Nicole - funny how everything ends up taking on a gnome form!

Dim Sum - DC is a pale second place to Europe. Your adventures make me drool!

SQ- Great advice!

Lily - it's hard to do isn't it? I have to truly remind myself, almost outloud. :)

ErinJ - thank you for the kind words!

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