Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Green Ship

All it took was one reading. I think we first discovered the book in the doctor's office waiting room, and I knew we had to find a copy to come home with us.

The Green Ship by Quentin Blake is a lovely little story book about two children who happen upon a garden trimmed out to look like a ship. It goes on to tell of their adventures on the Green Ship with the old lady who owns the garden.

Zach immediately decided a certain part of our marina gardens was the perfect Green Ship, and has since spent many, many, many happy hours there. There's a little tree to climb, a small trickle of water running through some rocks, and grasses galore to get lost in. Even his friends call it The Green Ship.

The other day he invited me aboard. I jumped at the chance to see in this special little world, since normally it's a kids only domain.

I was told about the crow's nest, and the engine room, and the captains cabin with a "view of the blue sky", and the poop deck, and the galley.

To my adult eyes it was a spider web entangled mess of shrubs and grass and overgrown flower beds. But in my heart I knew how special this little tour was.

After my tour I went back to my usual spot, outside the ship on a quilt, peering in from not too far.  My heart sings when I hear the little voices and little feet scurrying about in there, in their own world, on their own adventures, speaking their own language of childhood, in their Green Ship.


wholarmor said...

Those are some awesome pictures!

And your son has a beautiful imagination! He's a cutie, too!

Joy said...

Great photos! How wonderful that Z took the Green Ship idea and made it his own. I'm glad you were invited in for a tour so you could show us his lovely Green Ship. :)

Lily Boot said...

this is one of my all time FAVOURITE books - I think it is dfinitely Quentin Blake's best. The wonderful memories of a summer where everything is just so good and right, stay with you forever. But when you go back, there's that wistful feeling of it never quite being the same. The book captures this aspect of childhood so perfectly. Oh I wish it was in my hands right now (it's currently packed with all our belongings in storage) - read it to Zach for me and Abby.

Erin J said...

What a beautiful post! Every kid needs a special spot and I get that same wistful feeling when I re-read Bridge to Terabithia, Lily Boot. This blog is going to be so special because it captures these precious, fleeting moments.

Masasa said...

Looks like a FAB book. I can't get enough of your photography!

boatbaby said...

Thank you wholarmor for the lovely thoughts!

Joy - I hope you and the kids can come see it in person sometime...

Lily -- you summed it up so much better than I ever could!

ErinJ - I am blushing, thank you!

Masasa, you are too sweet. I long for a real camera, mine is just a pocket cam. Years of being "in the biz" I just know a few tricks.

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