Thursday, December 29, 2011

how I killed the sewing machine (hohoho)

The sewing machine and I have had a tenuous relationship at best. I need her. She taunts me. I swear at her. She fusses and jams. We agree to get along for the promise of a cute project. But during the holiday rush she handed me her letter of resignation.

Dear Cindy,
You are a foul mouthed rookie and unworthy of my delicate machinery. I am tired of your crooked stitches and your wobbly cut cloth. I quit.
Your Sewing Machine

And just like that she left me... mid-project of course. So I thought I would share the items I was working on for the holidays that did her in.

Exhibit A: The cheesey cute matching pajamas

These are your basic re-purposed sweater pants. I got an XXL men's sweater from Goodwill and made the sleeves into pants for Naia and the body into pants for Zach. The machine did not like this. Not one bit.

Exhibit B: Cloth Bags to replace wrapping paper

We had some cloth wrap bags from WrapSacks from years ago, but now that I "know how to sew" I thought I would make a whole bunch in different sizes to have and to hold for years to come and make a trash-free holiday. I used all kinds of fabrics and even a vintage Christmas tablecloth I got at a consignment shop. I think it was the thickness of the tablecloth that did her in. That's when she REALLY started acting up. Or it could have been the ridiculous way I was fudging the hems. Nah... it had to be the thick cloth.

Exhibit C: The Super Hero Collection
Did you know that Batman is an inventor? Yeah, me neither. In the serial story telling sessions that Doug & Zach have night after night, Super Heroes are invented and others are the old school classics. Of the old school Batman is Zach's favorite because according to my husband Bruce Wayne is a famous inventor (and I have to take his word for it because I just don't know about these things, which is ok by me.) Zach wants to be an inventor one day. And so Batman is cool in his world. I scored this Batman sheet at Goodwill ages ago. I made a pair of pajama pants and then made this roll up which I hand sewed first and then as I was trying to finish the inside the machine gave it's final swan dive. SuperJen saved the day and finished it off on her machine just a couple of days before Christmas. You want to see who lives inside the roll up?
Cute eh? No, I didn't paint them myself. I would have to exist in an alternate universe where time has a pause button or I am surrounded by an army of chefs and nannies (ha!). I got them at this etsy shop. They are awesome and the boy is thrilled!

So now I am saving up and researching a new sewing machine, hoping to score one by spring so I can make some cute dresses for the wee girl. Maybe the easter bunny will bring me one?
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