Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'tis the season

Sometimes I float through the days as if looking back on the snapshots as they happen. I can see the memories being made as Zach seems to pick and choose those holiday traditions that hold meaning to him. We didn't have many concrete family holiday traditions growing up, so I am sort of winging it. And I watch and wonder what Zach will hold on to and carry with him when he's grown.

And sweet Naia just cares about the lights. "Lights! Lights! Lights!" She wants to touch them and stare at them and say hi to them.
There are spurts when Naia self entertains and Zach steals away with the Chronicles of Narnia and I'm able to stitch and wax and bake. I go and go, The Grateful Dead and Jimmy Buffett fueling me on the Pandora feeling like I am so on my game.

And then I peek up around the bend from the galley to see why Naia is so quiet and a scene like this one unfolds. Sweet chaos.
Already my mind is drifting to January, that exhale time with no holidays, no parties, no plans, no projects. But I also try to anchor myself in the here and now and savor these moments with these tiny beings bursting with the excitement of the season. They bring me magic. They make it all worth while.

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